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A compact JavaScript animation library with a GUI timeline for fast editing.


SimpleGUI is a new code block developed by me for Cinder library. Initial release contains sliders, radio buttons, texture previews and possibility to save and load configuration from a text file.

Delta – an iPhone demo released at Breakpoint’10

Breakpoint is the biggest pure demoscene party nowadays. Or I should say it was 'the biggest' because this year's Breakpoint was the last one. I've never been to Breakpoint but there was no way we could not release something as DMA. With over 1000 visitors this year it was a place to be...

ProjectedQuads source code

On request from several people I decided to finally release source code of my projection mapping projects. I wanted to make a Processing library from it anyway at some point but I delayed it so many times that it might never happen. Meet "Projected quads"...