Marcin Ignac

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Cindermedusae - making generative creatures

Cindermedusae is quite a special project for me. It was super fast (about one week) and quite intensive (several late nights) yet very successful and rewarding when it comes to results. I liked the idea of generative book from the very beginning so I was very excited about Written Images competition when I heard about it for the first time...

From Cambridge to Gatwick : what can go wrong

Last Sunday I was coming back to Copenhagen from my trip to London. Because I was staying with my friend in Cambridge and I already booked return flight from Gatwick airport I had a long way to go. Based on my previous trips I estimated that I will take me about 3-3.5 hours. How wrong I was...

Projection mapping in 3d

Encouraged by previous results decided to try to play more. This time in 3D. By 3D I mean projecting on the object in such a way that it looks like you are actually projecting from different sides of it. Lets say we want to project a rectangle on one of the sides of a cube. It's easy when the projector is exactly in front of the target side...

Data Gestures

Data Gestures is a title of my final CIID project. It's a very busy period for me so I'm publishing only a small info now.