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Data Art with Plask and WebGL @ Resonate

My talk at Resonate'13 about Plask and how I use it for making data driven visualizations


Urine test strip analysis app

Evolving Tools @ FITC

My talk at FITC Amsterdam about the process behind some of my data visualization, generative art projects and Plask.

Ting Browser

Experimental browsing interface for digital library resources

Bookmarks as metadata

Every time we bookmark a website we not only save it for later but add a piece of information to the page itself. Each bookmark can be treated as a 'Like' and every folder can be represented as a Tag. All that information can be used to extend the meaning of a bookmark as it was to be - a collection of urls in menu bar of the browser.

From Cambridge to Gatwick : what can go wrong

Last Sunday I was coming back to Copenhagen from my trip to London. Because I was staying with my friend in Cambridge and I already booked return flight from Gatwick airport I had a long way to go. Based on my previous trips I estimated that I will take me about 3-3.5 hours. How wrong I was...

Data Gestures

Data Gestures is a title of my final CIID project. It's a very busy period for me so I'm publishing only a small info now.

Is Data Visualization a way of story telling, exploration, or expression?

I'm just starting my thesis on data visualization recently I was talking about this issue with my thesis advisor. After reading Peter Gassner's article "Data Visualization Is A Tool, Too!" on I decided to write this blog post. I see three big roles of data visualization...