Marcin Ignac

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Evolving Tools @ FITC

My talk at FITC Amsterdam about the process behind some of my data visualization, generative art projects and Plask.

Effects in Delta

There are tree effects in this demo that i'm very happy about. At the beginning I was playing with using marching cubes algorithm to generate landscapes. At some point I asked myself. What if instead of making mountains we start to drill holes inside the iso-surface? Hmmm. Just make it longer and narrower and you get... Guess what? A tunnel!...

Delta – an iPhone demo released at Breakpoint’10

Breakpoint is the biggest pure demoscene party nowadays. Or I should say it was 'the biggest' because this year's Breakpoint was the last one. I've never been to Breakpoint but there was no way we could not release something as DMA. With over 1000 visitors this year it was a place to be...