Marcin Ignac

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Bring Your Own Beamer

BYOB is a "series of exhibitions hosting artists and their beamers". I was invited to present a Crystal Infection project - a generative animation running realtime straight from the iPad.

ProjectedQuads source code

On request from several people I decided to finally release source code of my projection mapping projects. I wanted to make a Processing library from it anyway at some point but I delayed it so many times that it might never happen. Meet "Projected quads"...

Projection mapping in 3d

Encouraged by previous results decided to try to play more. This time in 3D. By 3D I mean projecting on the object in such a way that it looks like you are actually projecting from different sides of it. Lets say we want to project a rectangle on one of the sides of a cube. It's easy when the projector is exactly in front of the target side...

Projection mapping in the office

Projection mapping is making projections in a way that they match the surface they are projected on. This way we can use projector for something much more interesting than flat powerpoint presentation like VJ projections. As I was invited for vivisesja'09 this year I decided to play a bit with Processing and see what I can do during two weekends...