Marcin Ignac

webgl posts

Data Is Not A Number

My talk from DataKind'14 in London about how I perceive data and data art.

Modular WebGL with PEX

My talk from WebGL Workshop in London about PEX

Pragmatic physically based rendering : HDR

Part 3: Hight dynamic range

Pragmatic physically based rendering : Setup & Gamma

Part 2: Gamma, linear space lighting and HDR

Pragmatic physically based rendering : Intro

Step by step implementation of PBR in WebGL part 1

Deferred Rendering Explained

Step by step breakdown of the technique

Visualize X

My talk from VISUALIZEDio'14 in London about what's possible to visualize.

You are the data - prototype

DevArt project - working prototype.

You are the data - burst

DevArt project update - first visualizations.

You are the data - init

DevArt project intro - digital breadcrumbs we leave behind while browsing the web.

Data Art with Plask and WebGL @ Resonate

My talk at Resonate'13 about Plask and how I use it for making data driven visualizations

Fast Dynamic Geometry in WebGL

Looking for fast way to update mesh data dynamically.

Evolving Tools @ FITC

My talk at FITC Amsterdam about the process behind some of my data visualization, generative art projects and Plask.

Cindermedusae - making generative creatures

Cindermedusae is quite a special project for me. It was super fast (about one week) and quite intensive (several late nights) yet very successful and rewarding when it comes to results. I liked the idea of generative book from the very beginning so I was very excited about Written Images competition when I heard about it for the first time...