Marcin Ignac

3d experiments


Screen Space Reflections


Physically Based Render of a Face


Recursive rectangle subdivision

Cube Space

Geometric space exploration

Deferred Rendering

Deferred rendering with sphere clipped lights

SSAO Gamma

SSAO with gamma correction in WebGL

Point Light Shadows

Omnidirectional point light shadows in WebGL


Generative seaweed

Continuous Transition

Smooth morphing between geometry states in WebGL

Morphing Logos

Playing with Roskilde Festival stage logos


Screen Space Ambient Occlusion algorithm in WebGL

Geometry shaders

Geometry shader explorations

Tunnel 1K

My contribution to js1k compo

Cyber glow

Cyberpunk effects in Unity

Mesh deformation

Multitouch mesh manipulation

Paper folding

Prototype interface for folding digital paper

Blur demo

Playing with Gaussian blur GLSL shaders.