Featured Projects

Algorithmic Memory

Real-time generative painting


64kb real-time animation


Visualization of search engine results clustering


Generative encyclopedia of imaginary sea creatures

Digital Type Wall

1000 fonts, countless posibilities

GEO Editor

Online half-edge mesh platonic solids editor


Inflows-Outflows is a series of 4 data driven artworks reinterpreting population flow data. Using a custom developed algorithm Variable analyzed millions of data points and transformed them into beautiful artworks encoding the trends in the data.

Quantified Other

Five weeks of my father's Nike Fuel data

Sea Transport Network

Shipping industry network visualization

Statoil Brand Wall

Data Driven Installation


Generative Animation

More Projects


Origami Light Installation

Crystal Infection

Simulated growth of a virtual crystal plant

Nine Point Five

WebGL visualization of earthquakes in the past 30 years