Marcin Ignac

3D Sculpture Painting

One of the final 3d prints

3d sculpture painting is a series of experiments about capturing motion in a physical object. We use WiiMote controller as a virual brush to paint in 3d space. Next created shapes are brought to life using rapid prototyping techniques like 3d printing. The project was a collaboration between me and Flemming Tvede Hansen as a part of his PhD thesis at DKDS.

Early application screen

Final application screen

Beside reacting to hand movement the application can be controlled by several parameters:

All the created object could be rotated in 3d for previewing and exported as .OBJ mesh ready to be printed.

Here is video of Flemming playing with the application:

Another one of the final 3d prints


To track position in 3d space I use two IR LEDs and IR camera inside WiiMote to determine the position of the hand.

First version of the software were quite limited but still produced interesting results.

Early prints