Marcin Ignac

data visualization projects

Quantified Other

Five weeks of my father's Nike Fuel data


Generative bracelet based on artworks from Tate Modern


Market data as never seen before

MeLa - Representing Museum Technologies

Visualizing research about the research process

Every Day of My Life

Data visualization of my computer usage statistics

Wave Cube

Audio wave visualizer for 3d printing

Sea Transport Network

Shipping industry network visualization

Roskilde Festival Activity

Realtime visualization of active bluetooth devices

Open Budget

Interactive visualization of the polish budget for 2011

Nine Point Five

WebGL visualization of earthquakes in the past 30 years


Projected personal data visualization

UK 2010

Interactive UK elections visualization for The Times

Data Gestures

Shared Robotics

Visual history of robots

What Britain Eats

Birth Rate

Money Vis



Visualization of search engine results clustering


Social network visualization