Wiild Life

Wiild Life is an interactive animation of a blooming flower. By using a Wii remote the user can control the energy level in a small ecosystem. If the energy level is high enough the flower blooms which attracts butterflies. Originally I intended to make only flower but after talking with Dennis Paul I decided to include rewards (butterflies and the fountain) for patient players.

The inspiration for this project comes from old school sport games where you have to shake your joystick or press a keyboard very quickly to increase power of you game character before making big jump or very strong hit.

How do you interact with it?
You have to shake the Wii remote very quickly. While you shake, the flower blooms more and more. If you keep shaking for a bit longer, butterflies arrive. And if you keep shaking even more then you can see a beautiful fountain of particles. If you stop shaking, butterflies fly away and the flower closes.

How it was done?
All animation and objects are created in code, no 3d software was used apart from surfaceLib for Processing

This work was exhibited at the end of the Computational Design Course at the Danish Design School.