Marcin Ignac

You are the data - burst

This is a series of blog posts documenting my proposal for Google DevArt exhibition:

  1. Init - project idea explained
  2. Burst - first visualizations
  3. Server Requests - working prototype


Burst is the name of first visual approach I tried this week. It's a visualization of data from on 11th of March 2014. To load this one page:

Burst 02

It's a hommage to stereotypical virutal reality look. Beam of light, a tunnel, DATA streams.This is actually happening everytime you visit that website. What's interesting here is the time stretch approach. What took only couple of seconds (depending on you internet connection speed) is exploded and stretched both in time and space. I like looking at the data throught a microscope and discovering a another micro world there.

Right now it doesn't really make sense, colors are assigned per file type but not grouped by server and not sorted by time. You need to start somewhere...

You can see the it live here:


Here is the same data theverge20140311.har (just a part of it) visualized using online HAR Viewer.

HAR Viewer


To make the animation I saved separate frames from Plask and put them together using omggif using code little sketch I called gifgen.


A the begginig I had outdated version of the library that produced cool looking glitches if there was too many colors used:

GIF encoder problems