Dune - Nodes process breakdown

Including demos and source code


What I like about Clojure(script)

The joy of Clojure: first contact


Pragmatic physically based rendering : HDR

Part 3: Hight dynamic range


Pragmatic physically based rendering : Setup & Gamma

Part 2: Gamma, linear space lighting and HDR


Pragmatic physically based rendering : Intro

Part 1: Step by step implementation of PBR in WebGL


Deferred Rendering Explained

Step by step breakdown of the technique


Cindermedusae - making generative creatures

Cindermedusae is quite a special project for me. It was super fast (about one week) and quite intensive (several late nights) yet very successful and rewarding when it comes to results. I liked the idea of generative book from the very beginning so I was very excited about Written Images competition when I heard about it for the first time...


Is Data Visualization a way of story telling, exploration, or expression?

I'm just starting my thesis on data visualization recently I was talking about this issue with my thesis advisor. After reading Peter Gassner's article "Data Visualization Is A Tool, Too!" on I decided to write this blog post. I see three big roles of data visualization...