Marcin Ignac

Delta – an iPhone demo released at Breakpoint’10

Breakpoint is the biggest pure demoscene party nowadays. Or I should say it was 'the biggest' because this year's Breakpoint was the last one. I've never been to Breakpoint but there was no way we could not release something as DMA. With over 1000 visitors this year it was a place to be.

Delta is an iPhone 3GS demo written in C++ and OpenGL ES 2.0. I use a bit of Objective C but mainly for creating window and managing resources like images or music. I started doing some experiments two months ago. But the real work started when Ninja (Mikołaj Kuik) came to Copenhagen with finished music 3 days before the party. We worked like crazy (I didn’t sleep for 3 days) and in the end we managed just before the deadline.

We took part in Wild / Console demo compo, ending up at 10th place out of 20. Here is screen capture of the demo:

Source code

As with the previous iPhone demo I decided to release all the source code so people can download it an compile for their iPhones (Apple SDK is required though). So if you are interested what other people think about Delta or just want to download source code of the whole project please visit Pouet

Other demos

The winner of this year demo compo was Agenda Circling Forth by Fairlight. Being able to watch this production at Full HD massive projection screen was an amazing experience. Second place wast taken by fr-043: rove by farbrausch also a great demo but not so original as the first one. Last one prod that I would like to mention is Dramatic Pixels by PwP for Commodore-64. Very simple but very enjoyable to watch. Make sure you don't miss other productions here.