Be Amazed

"Roskilde Festival Social Zone, designed a 500 m2 playground, for the audience to hang out and relax in-between concerts. The brief was to use the 2 gigantic video projectors 20 meters in the air, to create an ever changing visual maze universe for the audience to walk and interact with.
We invited Science Friction to design a physical interface, a gigantic turn button with visual response, put in the center of the area. And also invited Sixth Sensor / Carl Emil + Marcin Ignac to code a interactive visual universe responding to the input from the button. The audience would then be able to interact directly and turn the whole area around the center of the button in different mazes and universes." - Dark Matters


Besides Roskilde designed the area with 2 big towers of speakers and huge subwoofers in the area, and Vectral created a sound universe for each stage in the experience.

Concept & Development: Roskilde Social Zone
Interactive & Visual concept: Dark Matters
Physical interface/button: sciencefriction.dk
Coding & Design: sixthsensor.dk & marcinignac.com
Additional Illustration & Animation: Dark Matters
Sound design: vectral.dk
Photography: Henrik Edelbo Sørensen