Marcin Ignac

City Icon

City Icon is a generative city simulation featured at Sustainable Cities exhibition by Siemens in The Crystal building in London.

Developed in cooperation with Hirch & Mann for squint/opera.

The city is a mix of intersecting systems, fluently transforming and interacting with each other. Traffic jams, water streams, nature enclaves, emergency states and energy sources appear and disappear during the day giving a feeling of dynamic but well balanced city.


Together with Squint/Opera, I designed and developed 6 simulations representing different sub-systems of the city.

Traffic is represented by car lights at night leaving traces behind them and water flows through the streets.

Nature is a growing plant spreading through the city while healt care is envisioned as a living organism that transforms buildings into cells and with blood vessels taking over the streets.

Emergency states are handled by vehicles arriving from nerby areas while smart grid produces energy powering the neighborhoods.


City Icon is part of the Sustainable Cities Initiative by Siemens at The Crystal in London, UK.


A bespoke application was develop to run and test the generative animation.

More on Flickr.