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Every Day of My Life


Every Day of My Life is a visualization of my computer usage statistics from the last 2.5 years. Each line represents one day and each colorful block is the most foreground app running at the given moment. Black areas are periods when my computer is not turned on. Seeping patterns (or lack of them) and time of holidays and travel (longer gaps) can be therefore easily identified.

All data was gathered using Tapper - a small OSX app logging my application usage written by Dean McNamee. It was later visualized by me using Plask environment.

The project was presented as prints at Click festival in Helsingør at the beginning of May in 2012. In this version there are 2 additional visualizations : one representing mouse clicks count and another showing number of keyboard hits per each running app.

Keyboard hits

Mouse clicks

Printed version presented at Click festival

Check out more photos and screenshots on Flickr.

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