GEO Editor

GEO Editor is an online platonic solids editor written in WebGL and based on custom half edge mesh implementation.

The application starts with basic geometric shapes and is able to create increasingly more complex ones through series of transformations The available operations include various subdivsions, edge cutting and extrusion.

,Basic shapes
!IMG2,geo-editor-02.png,geo-editor-03.png,More complex structures
!IMG2,geo-chamfer-01.png,geo-chamfer-02.png,Chamfer edges
!IMG2,geo-colors-01.png,geo-colors-02.png,Random colors

,Inside of the mesh
,The GEO editor running in a web browser

Collaboration with GMUNK

The editor was later used by the amazing GMUNK to create series of geometric posters. He first constructed the gometry using GEO Editor app and then importend it into Maya for rendering. You can find more examples on his website: GEO-Series-2013


Update 2016-08

More experiments by Steve Richey in Maya