Interactive LED wall installation for Nike+ shoes lunch at the Montalban Theatre, LA. In collaboration with Hirsch&Mann.

Client: Nike
Producer: Optimist LA
Architecture & design: Tino Schaedler
Electronic backend: Vista Electronics

Hirsch&Mann Team:
Daniel Hirschmann ( Creative Director )
Marcin Ignac ( Programming & Installation )
Carolina Vallejo ( Producer )

"During the summer of 2012, Nike launched their Nike+ platform along with new sportswear and devices. The launch took place at the Montalban Theatre in Los Angeles. For this event, a basketball court and experience space was designed and built on the rooftop. A bespoke LED wall was built behind a basketball hoop which was used to mimic the larger than life impact that these products can have on the training of their owners." -by Daniel Hirshman


The display software was developed using Plask and the trackign part was done using openFrameworks and Kinect sensor.

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