Pattern is an installation that tries to reflect mood of work as
programmer-artist. Hours, days and even weeks spend in front of computer form a
steady rythm of pictures changing on the screen. Using projection, a screen of
miniature laptop will become full of unique colors. Each of them represents different
application that I used over last six months. This work represents a
trend called 'personal informatics' where people collect, monitor and analyze
data about themselves aiming for better understanding or even breaking the pattern.

Video and photo by Tomasz TJFK Kuczma.

All the data is accurate to every second and is collected using Tapper app by Dean McNamee.
Here one of early visualisations of the data:

For purpose of this installation I developed a projection mapping library for Cinder.
It allows me to use virutal projector for testing and precisely adjust position of
projected elements in real space.

Pattern was exhibited on 18th of November 2010, at Level 2.0 during Culture 2.0 conference in Warsaw, Poland.

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