Urban Flora

Urban Flora is a generative artwork by Marcin Ignac exploring interplay of natural and artificial forms.

The project was initially inspired by the 3/4/5G network infrastructure more and more present in the parks and greenery of our cities. Final Urban Flora transformed into a study of abandoned structures of a long forgotten civilisation.


The whole image is generative and/or procedural. Leaves are parametric, twigs and trees use the space colonisation algorithm, and the geometry is based on platonic solids transformed though series of geometric operations.

No assets are used, all real-time. You can even zoom in and rotate the scene.


Each Urban Flora has number of features determined at the time of minting:

484 test renders from almost final version of the algorithm. Click to see high res version

All 90 different possible geometry configurations


Urban Flora was released 2022-02-10 on www.fxhash.xyz/u/marcinignac.


Urban Flora was created in Nodes - your thinking space for exploring ideas with code.


Follow me on Twitter at @marcinignac or reach out on fxhash discord (user marcinignac#1841).

nft, generative
javascript, webgl, glsl