My name is Marcin Ignac and I’m polish artist / programmer / designer living in London, UK. I visualize data, create artificial life forms, experiment with technology and combine my passion for graphics with art of programming.

1. What

I perceive my art as a visualization of an evolving idea. While the initial impulse may come from nature, set of numbers or one of the situations in my life, the final outcome is a result of a process of working with the matter and trying to understand it.

2. Why

In my works I’m looking for aesthetic qualities bridging simplicity and complexity. I find beauty and inspiration in structures of biological organisms, in patterns emerging from data and complexity of computer algorithms.

3. How

As much as in the final result I’m interested in creating software tools enabling me to explore my concepts. For me the code is both a tool and a medium. I use it to sketch out the first idea, learn from it and decide what direction to follow, what aspects of the achieved image are worth investigating more and what form is most suitable for it.




I have a bachelor degree in Computer Science, and I took part in Intelligent Decision Support Systems master program at Poznan University of Technology (Poznań / Poland). I was also studying Intermedia at Academy of Fine Arts (Poznań / Poland) and finished Interaction Design Pilot Year at CIID (Copenhagen / Denmark).


2012 - now, London / UK
Owner and Computational Designer at Variable working with data visualization, generative art and new media

2010 - 2011, Copenhagen / Denmark
Technology and Interaction Designer, Researcher at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design working with data visualization, user interface research and prototyping

2009 - 2010, Copenhagen / Denmark
Creative Coder and Interaction Designer at shiftcontrol working with real-time graphics, data visualization, interactive installations, new media, user interfaces and responsible for research, design and development

2006 - 2007, Poznan / Poland
Part time job as a software engineer and user interface designer at Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center



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Want to know more? I’m distributed… so view my LinkedIn profile, follow my tweets or visit variable.io.

Quotes (stuff I find very very true)

If you know what it's going to look like, stop. Do something else. - @creativeapps
What makes an artist, an artist, is in the very first place the urge to create. - Monolake "Robert Henke aka Monolake in 'Speaking in Code'")